About Tech-Mate Inc.

Tech-Mate Inc., founded in 1992, began as a supplier of proprietary additives systems to the plastic film marketplace.  

Today it prides itself on being a broad-based provider of technical solutions to the plastics industry.  Tech-Mate has vast experience in the plastics industry, most notable in the areas of polymer resins and extrusion/coextrusion processes.  

We at Tech-Mate will work with you to understand your particular needs, and develop solutions either through our in-house formulation of proprietary resin systems or additives, or through contractual technical consultation.   You decide what works best for you.

Here at Tech-Mate Inc. we strive to make your goals a reality.  Our aim is to resolve your plastics needs in a timely and cost effective manner.  

                                              Tech-Mate Inc. is an Illinois Corporation Based in Chicago

                                Corporate Office Located at:  1032 West Fulton Market Suite 300. Chicago, IL 60607. Phone: 847-352-969

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